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The 33 Innovation Park is a city-owned, master planned development with flexible building layouts and lot sizes. Located just minutes from Columbus and situated adjacent to US-33 (Ohio's 33 Smart Mobility Corridor), the park offers an excellent location, new infrastructure, design standards to protect your investment, signage and streetscaping, and numerous amenities. There is no surprise why the 33 Innovation Park is an emerging center for R&D, innovative technologies, smart mobility, and advanced manufacturing operations in Central Ohio. 

Sale Price: $60,000 - $80,000 per acre 

Available Lot Sizes

  • 6 – 166 acres

  • Lot location and configuration will be customized for each buyer

  • See concept map for conceptual lot configurations

  • Build-to-suit options are available

Design Standards

  • Yes, via the City of Marysville

EPA Attainment Status (NAAQS)

  • Union County is designated as an attainment county for all applicable standards.


  • MI - Manufacturing Innovation District


Local Income Tax

  • 1.5% (City of Marysville)

  • Businesses in Union County also benefit from NO personal property tax, NO inventory tax, and NO state corporate income tax

Property Tax (as of October 2017)

  • Millage rate = 78.7275 

  • Property tax is calculated as Taxable Value x 35% x 7.87275%


Tax Incentives

  • Various financial incentives are available through Union County and the City of Marysville. The availability and extent of abatements offered depend on scope of project, job creation, and investment. Please contact the Union County - Marysville Economic Development Office at 937-642-6279 to learn more.


Sanitary Sewer Provider: City of Marysville

  • 8″ and 10" sewer lines along Innovation Way

  • 60" sanitary sewer trunk line along Industrial Parkway

  • 4 MGD excess capacity

  • 8 MGD capacity at treatment plant

Water Provider: City of Marysville

  • 12″ water line along Innovation Way

  • 16" water line along Industrial Parkway

  • 1.5 MGD excess capacity 

  • 4 MGD capacity at water plant

Natural Gas Provider: Community Energy Resources Cooperative (CERC)

  • 8″ line 

  • Operating pressure of 50 psig with MAOP of 97 psig

Electric Provider: AES Ohio

  • Site is served by 3 phase, 12,470 volt service

  • 5 MW available excess capacity

  • Site is 1,000 ft from substation


  • Spectrum, WOW!Century Link

  • The 33 Innovation Park is also served by the NW 33 Council of Governments, which owns and maintains 432 strands of redundant dark and lit fiber. This fiber network provides unparalleled speed and capacity.


Industrial Waste Management

  • Republic Services: 800-686-1732​

  • Waste Management: 800-343-6047

  • Rumpke Waste: 800-828-8171

  • Evergreen Waste Services: 937-642-0008

Emergency Services

  • Marysville Division of Fire: 2.4 miles (6 minutes)

  • Marysville Divison of Police: 5.9 miles (10 minutes)

  • Memorial Hospital: 2.7 miles (6 minutes)



Cargo Air Service/Intermodal

  • Rickenbacker International Airport is a high-speed international, multi-modal logistics hub and cargo complex serving several key business segments, including: international airfreight, cargo airlines, freight forwarders, and logistics firms. Located just south of Columbus, approximately 40 miles from the 33 Innovation Park, Rickenbacker contains two 12,000-foot runways capable of handling any aircraft in the world.

Commercial Airports

Highway & Interstates

  • US-33: < 1 mile

  • I-270: 15 miles (15 minutes)

  • I-70: 24 miles (24 minutes)

  • I-71: 23 miles (23 minutes)

  • I-75: 64 miles (1 hour, 7 minutes)

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